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Monday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Tuesday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Thursday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Friday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM


  • COVID Testing
  • Abscesses
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Coughs and congestion
  • Dehydration
  • Fever and flu
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Minor eye injuries
  • Skin infections and rashes
  • Sprains and strains


  • Sports Physicals
  • EKG
  • Vaccinations and Immunizations
  • On-Site Diagnostics and X-rays
  • Sutures and Stitches

An Urgent Care Clinic Near Bastrop

Our health care providers are available with first-rate care when you have a non-life-threatening injury or illness. There’s no need to make an appointment — walk into our clinic and a provider will see you quickly. However, you can check in online,  online, ahead of time to ensure reduced wait times once you arrive.

At SouthStar Urgent Care, we put our patients first. We want to change how you think about and receive health care services. Our team delivers care that meets the golden rule — we treat our patients the way we’d want to be treated in the same situation. You can trust our providers with a range of conditions and mild injuries. 

We take all the proper steps to treat patients right away, from providing you answers with on-site diagnostics to determining the best treatment options. Our compassionate care offers award-winning services to put you first from the moment you walk in our clinic doors.

Choose Urgent Care Services From SouthStar

If you’re not sure whether to visit an urgent care center or another health care provider, you can imagine urgent care as a bridge between primary care providers and emergency rooms.

A primary care provider typically conducts routine visits, treats minor illnesses and chronic conditions and helps you organize preventive or continued treatment plans. The ER is at the other end of the health care spectrum, treating serious and life-threatening injuries or complications that need immediate and advanced treatment.

At urgent care centers like SouthStar, our team fills the gap between primary care and ER services. Urgent care is a more convenient, affordable and often less busy alternative to the ER if your life is not in immediate danger. Our clinic is also open for longer hours and on weekends, giving us an advantage over primary care providers with less flexible schedules. Remember to check in with your primary care provider after visiting us for additional treatment or information.

Visit SouthStar’s Bastrop Urgent Care Clinic

If you need urgent care services in the Bastrop area, visit SouthStar Urgent Care. We have multiple exam rooms, professional diagnostic services and compassionate health care providers ready to help you today.

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